Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Globally significant bird populations by state

Today while reviewing population estimates for some North American landbirds, I noticed that I could rank bird species in a given US state or Canadian province by the percent of each species' global population represented.

I made a map showing the bird species with the highest percent of its global population falling within the boundaries of each state/province. Each state/province is labeled with the 4-letter code of the species and the percent of global population represented. Data come from the Partners in Flight Landbird Population Estimates Database.

Some caveats: 1) The data is for landbirds only, 2) The database does not include population estimates for all species, including some endangered and range-restricted species, 3) The Northwest Territories and Nunavut are lumped, and Washington DC and Hawaii are not included.

With these caveats aside, I still think this is a very informative map, because it provides data on local abundance relative to global abundance. Before looking at the map, pick your favorite state and try to guess the bird species!


  1. That is incredibly interesting, Dave. I like the new blog, BTW.